I’m pretty surprised by the media response, it feels like a change in coverage tone is happening from “look at these wacky kids” to “curious new political movement” posted by The Whelk at 4: It’s also hard to respond to a personal anecdote, to be honest–there’s a ton of support in this thread for the idea that the DSA takes sexism, racism, homophobia, and transphobia extremely seriously, but none of that can serve as any kind of remedy for a person’s bad experience at a meeting. I have to wonder how many of the commenters in this thread even followed the links, and it’s hard not to answer myself with “almost none. What problems of intersectionality would you like to see addressed? First off, I am sorry if anyone has had a negative experience with a DSA chapter or a DSA member, or has a negative impression of the organization. Well, also that it will be stupid, we do live in the Zone now.

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Critics of Chapo have elevated it to this status as the arbiter of all things Left of Hilary and it’s quite the strawman.

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I’m sorry, that part of my post was misunderstood and I apologize for not being clearer. I believe you that the platform is terrific third brigade dsa filter that great people are involved in repositioning this party.

I haven’t seen much desire within the DSA to start vsa their own candidates. I feel awfully young at a lot of Democrat events, but I think I would feel noticeably geriatric and unhip at DSA things.

That’s a good enough endorsement for me. That Left had grown third brigade dsa filter by the time I was first active in the ‘s. The goal is t always to make people members but to give the knowledge that there is this big, widespread yearning for leftist policy and ideals out there.

This is sort of like calling someone a McCarthyist for caring about Putin’s interference in the election on behalf of Trump.

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Dsz don’t doubt that some have experienced unsavory political exchanges or interpersonal conflicts with particular members of DSA. Purported anti-racist Democrats stayed largely silent third brigade dsa filter an Islamophobic smear campaign was waged against progressive black Muslim Representative Keith Ellison, one of the ugliest instances of bigotry to come out of the Democratic Party in recent history.


As for platforms, it gets real nitty gritty but Praxis is closer to my ideal but I really like the labor focus of momentum. Angle but what can you do. I think that one dea the lessons from the Indivisible movement is that there is third brigade dsa filter mostly-untapped power in the anger and frustration of older women. The Ddsa and their friends and enemies were debating all of these questions decades before the October insurrection in classic polemics that one can still find relevant today.

I would tuird put my criticisms of DSA in this group, but they’re not the ones that third brigade dsa filter the most play and not the ones, I don’t think, that you’re referring to so I’ll leave them aside here. It’s really interesting how almost none of the commentary here is related to any of the links in the OPP and is instead focused on the DSA itself.

I know this is a parochial pleasure on my part, but the fact that DSA rsa shed any and all association with this particular formation Alexander Cockburn once described these types as denizens of the outer precincts of the Democratic Party, where nobody listened to them except third brigade dsa filter they’d periodically emerge to hose down the left is all to the good. I cannot tell you how uninterested I am in choosing to spend time around people who claim the moral high ground thjrd handwave that kind of behavior.

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Here you goxyzzy! It’s filte the most important issue. The convention will hold votes on various resolutions and constitutional amendments as well as third brigade dsa filter on who will become members of the National Political Committee. Literally yesterday, a prominent liberal twitter pundit called out women socialists as the “handmaidens” of Bernie-bros.

She third brigade dsa filter be a great union organizer no idea but she literally said she thought single-payer was more likely under Trump because Melania is from Europe. We passed all kinds of good legislation plant closing legislation, for instance and dopey stuff third brigade dsa filter were sister cities to I-don’t-know-how-many places.

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History has not ground to a halt. Also the most exciting thing at the NYC Convention was really hitting hard that we’d be a failure brigadf we’re just attracting “downward mobile millennials” and the urgent need to spread to not only groups not typically aligned with Socialism but groups that have fallen out of politics and voting altogether. A move that earns the trademark Berman treatment: I’m not the kind of person who would join the DSA, for several reasons, but I think they’re doing good work locally.

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I support an unoccupied, free Palestine. It’s our problem to fix, not yours, and I’m sorry for implying that it was.

That’s not to mention the stupidity of playing with fire on the electorate math. I do think the NPC needs to be expanded thidd that third brigade dsa filter by a slim margin and will get passed next time it goes up, I’m sure of it I’m pretty surprised by the CNN article, like actual respectable conversations by large media.

Is violence an acceptable political tactic, and if so, in what circumstances?

For real, how easy would it have been to say “I’m sorry that was your experience, can you tell me the kind of thing you were running brigase If anything, it’s been nominally feminist white-collar white women who have been the strongest advocates for capitalism and liberal meritocracy in dsq circles. I’ve also been having good conversations with more center-left democrats explaining what we want and who we third brigade dsa filter and it’s been very productive!