The G’s display is inadequate for outdoor use. However the buyer gets an onsite service for the entire period, which is not included in the standard warranty. When several people want to watch a movie or look at pictures, the one or other will have problems in seeing a good image. Unfortunately, the GPU’s temperature can’t be read out. Its surface is smooth and can be used accurately and fast. Advantage for the GT M.

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GeForce GT 540M

The GT M isn’t a threat for this standing with exactly Eight gigabyte of RAM in a euro laptop. The keyboard doesn’t even come close to a good office input.

No longer brand new, but still a real challenge for mobile systems — the fantasy role game from the end of Temperature The bottom’s average temperature is merely 24 degrees during a scenario of word processing and web surfing.

Nvidia’s graphics 5400m, Optimusis used aside the Intel HD incorporated in the processor.

Review Acer Aspire G Notebook (GT M) – Reviews

Nvidi data rate shows the speed with which data can be read out of the cache. The iM processor manufactured in a 32nm procedure has a TDP of 35 watts.


Nevertheless, due to the stiff acer nvidia geforce gt 540m and gripa stable impression is created anyway. The not very bright and intensely reflective acer nvidia geforce gt 540m won’t come in question for sun addicts. This could limit the performance in high resolutions, but the Aspire G doesn’t bid this natively anyway.

The processor test, Cinebench R The wide maximum opening angle of degrees is more than sufficient for use on the lap. No Gfforce is categorically stronger. Colors are less contrast rich and brilliant, and black isn’t deep black. The jvidia runs in a low speed while surfing, listening to music or typing.

The fan increases to a maximum of The volume is fairly high, should however be limited in the volume balance because it otherwise scratches in the maximum level. Nvixia HTML5 websites on next-generation browsers with richer graphics and supercharged performance.

NVIDIA GeForce GT M – Tech

The performance depends on the used graphics memory, clock rate, processor, system settings, drivers, and operating systems. So the user has to acer nvidia geforce gt 540m in the device at his own expense and safety measures. The GT M achieves Bad Company 2 But what do real games say?


There is no USB 3. The M beats the lower clocked M in single core calculations standard: Acer’s Aspire G version: See manufacturer for more information. The plain and non-slip plastic will please the office user.

The wrist-rest can be depressed marginally on the right. Voltcraft sl 15 cm distance. The case is sufficiently stable and makes an impression of nvdia with their clean gaps. Fingerprints don’t have a chance here.

Optimus has now disabled the GT M. An extended color space is out of reach. This effect already starts at the slightest deviation of 15 degrees vertically.